Antibiotics description:

Today’s environmental conditions are bad that is why our immune system becomes weaker that makes it possible for various pathogenic bacterium to provoke a great number of diseases. Microbes cause such diseases as pneumonia, bronchitis, quinsy, otitus, pyelonephritis, cystitis and others. Even the duodenal and stomach ulcer is the result of vital functions of definite bacterium. That is why physicians frequently include antibiotics in the therapy.

The antimicrobial effect of antibiotics is achieved by the synthesis of cellular wall’s substance of microorganism (especially in the time of the bacteria’s growth). The synthesis is deeply depressed under the influence of the drug’s substances. One of the main reasons of microbes’ death is a discord in its mass growth and the insufficiency of biosynthesis of its cellular wall. The microbial cellular wall loses its protective quality. That is why the microbe becomes extremely sensible to unfavorable influences of environment. In the end, the microbial cell comes apart into tiny pieces and dies.

Antibiotics have high effectiveness, low toxicity, and capacity to be absorbed in and go out of the organism. But they can sensitize organism and cause allergic reactions. That is why it is necessary to read attentively and follow the directions prescribed by your physician.

When do you need antibiotics? If you have a fever 37 – 38 C for three and more days. It means that a definite infectious process is going on in the body. Microbes are actively multiplying. If you noticed such symptoms as: sore throat, ache in ears, productive or dry cough, heavy breathing, definitely you have an inflammatory process of the breathing passages.

When you have pain in the small of your back, often urination, unpleasant feeling during urination one can say about nephritis and bladder inflammation. In this case also microorganisms are guilty which are harmful for the human body. In such cases physicians prescribe an antibacterial treatment. Antibiotic is chosen depending on the kind of microbes and depending on severity of disease.

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